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The Clicking of Cuthbert

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The Clicking of Cuthbert
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Cuthbert Banks was young, handsome, and plus four on the Wood Hills links, but he could make no impression on the soulful girl of his heart until Vladimir Brusiloff, the eminent Russian novelist, kissed him on both cheeks before the entire ...


A Golf collection
The Oldest Member knows everything that has ever happened on the golf course -- and a great deal more besides.
Take the story of Cuthbert, for instance. He's helplessly in love with Adeline, but what use are his holes in one when she's in thrall to Culture and prefers rising young writers to winners of the French Open? But enter a Great Russian Novelist with a strange passion, and Cuthbert's prospects are transformed. Then look at what happens to young Mitchell Holmes, who misses short putts because of the uproar of the butterflies in the adjoining meadows. His career seems on the skids -- but can golf redeem it?
In this collection, the kindly but shrewd gaze of the Oldest Member picks out some of the funniest stories Wodehouse ever wrote.
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Información adicional

Idioma del libro Inglés
ISBN13 9780099513865
Editorial Arrow
Año de publicación 2008
Group_by Wodehouse
Autor Wodehouse, P.G.
Número de páginas 244
Dimensiones 20x13x2cm, 0.35Kg