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The Dreaming Void: 1/3 (Void Trilogy) - ( Texto en ingles )

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The Dreaming Void: 1/3 (Void Trilogy) - ( Texto en ingles )
31,10 €
Publicado por Pan boocks, U.K. -

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The bestselling author of "Pandora's Star" returns to the same wondrous universe with the first adventure in a thrilling trilogy.


Science fiction. AD 3580: The Intersolar Commonwealth has spread through the galaxy to over a thousand star systems. It is a culture of rich diversity with a place for everyone. A powerful navy protects it from any hostile species that may lurk among the stars. For Commonwealth citizens, even death has been overcome. At its centre is a massive black hole. This Void is not a natural artefact. Inside there is a strange universe where the laws of physics are very different to those we know. It is slowly consuming the other stars of the galactic core. Inigo, a human, has started to dream of a wonderful existence of the Void. He has a following of millions of believers. They now clamour to make a pilgrimage into the Void to live the life they have been shown. But others are prepared to stop them, no matter what the cost.
Información adicional

Información adicional

Idioma del libro Inglés
ISBN13 9780330443029
ISBN10 033044302X
Editorial Pan boocks, U.K.
Año de publicación 2008
price_cents 00003110
Autor Peter F. Hamilton
Dimensiones 18x11x5cm, 0.84Kg
Categorías Fiction / Science Fiction / General